Five Tips To Be A More Eco-Friendly Coffee Drinker on Earth Day and All Year

April 21, 2019

| By Laurie Britton | Coffee production around the globe is massive. It’s one of the most widely-traded commodities in the world—with tens of billions of pounds produced annually in over 50 countries. This makes it very difficult to be a completely environmentally-friendly industry; just think of how much fossil fuels are burned simply transporting […]

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Cafe Virtuoso Now Hiring Cafe Manager

We’re Hiring! Retail Cafe Barista and Wholesale Assistant Trainer / Account Manager

April 10, 2019

| By Savannah Phillips | We’re thrilled to announce that we are expanding our team! We’re searching for two individuals who would love to be part of a rapidly-growing local coffee roaster and café full of meticulous and mindful individuals with similar interests and values and to ensure our standards for quality are upheld. If […]

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Savannah Phillips Q Grader Cafe Virtuoso

Congrats Savannah – Now A Licensed Q-Grader!

March 12, 2019

We’re very excited to announce that our own Savannah Phillips in charge of quality assurance here at Cafe Virtuoso is now a licensed Q Grader! Here’s what that means and why it’s important.

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Best Dairy Alternatives for Coffee Drinkers

February 12, 2019

| By Savannah Phillips | Not everyone is able to consume dairy. Whether it’s having an allergy, being lactose intolerant, a vegetarian, a vegan, or any other reason, doesn’t mean that someone enjoys the taste and creamy texture that milk (or milk alternatives) adds to coffee any less. Over the years there have been many […]

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Cafe Virtuoso Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide: Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

December 19, 2018

| By Laurie Britton | The holidays are here, which always makes me very excited! But if you don’t have all your shopping finished yet, don’t panic. We’ve got you covered with a variety of last-minute gift ideas for that special coffee lover in your life.  Don’t forget that you can shop online with us […]

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Wishing Rigo Well in His Retirement

November 9, 2018

| By Laurie Britton | Over the last eight and a half years, we’ve had the great pleasure of working very closely with Rigoberto “Rigo” Hernandez, our business development and wholesale account representative. Both his dedication and knowledge played a role in helping us to grow over the years as a business to become what […]

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World Coffee Research: Helping to Save and Secure the Future of Coffee

August 20, 2018

| By Greg Luli | As a 100 percent certified organic coffee roaster, our mission—in addition to procuring the best quality and best-tasting coffee possible to our wholesale and retail customers—is to also do our part by encouraging people to support ethical and sustainable coffee farming practices. By purchasing USDA certified organic coffee rather than […]

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Designing a coffee bar layout

5 Tips for Designing the Perfect Coffee Bar Layout

August 10, 2018

| By Savannah Phillips | Thinking of opening a new coffee shop or upgrading or remodeling your current coffee bar? While it’s a very exciting thought, perhaps it can be a bit daunting as well. Before you get started, it’s important to do your research and also be sure to work with the right people […]

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Why Coffee Roasters Need Quality Assurance: What You Don’t Want in Your Morning Cup

Why Coffee Roasters Need Quality Assurance: What You Don’t Want in Your Morning Cup

August 2, 2018

| By Greg Luli | Coffee drinkers all have their own very unique preferences when it comes to determining how they experience a great cup of coffee. For some, it’s the bright acidity and full-bodied fruity flavor, or it could be the subtle chocolatey hints coupled with the natural sweetness of steamed whole milk. For […]

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Choosing the Best Wholesale Coffee Roaster for Your Coffee Shop

Choosing the Best Wholesale Coffee Roaster for Your Coffee Shop

July 24, 2018

| By Laurie Britton | Whether you’re thinking of embarking on a new adventure to open your own coffee shop, or you’ve been brewing for quite a while, working with the right roaster to source your coffee beans (and everything else that goes along with it) is one of the most important decisions you will […]

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