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World Coffee Research: Helping to Save and Secure the Future of Coffee

August 20, 2018


| By Greg Luli |

As a 100 percent certified organic coffee roaster, our mission—in addition to procuring the best quality and best-tasting coffee possible to our wholesale and retail customers—is to also do our part by encouraging people to support ethical and sustainable coffee farming practices. By purchasing USDA certified organic coffee rather than coffee that has been grown using conventional methods, you are supporting farmers who grow coffee without the use of chemicals and pesticides that are known to be extremely harmful to us and the environment.

Now, a new (and potentially much more serious) problem has risen that puts the future of high-quality arabica coffee beans in danger of disappearing completely. Rising temperatures due to climate change are causing an increase in diseases and pests that are attacking these plants and are killing off entire arabica coffee farms all around the world.

According to a recent report from the Climate Institute of Australia, demand for coffee is expected to double by the year 2050, but if nothing is done soon the amount of suitable land to grow coffee will decline by half.

What Can Be Done?

World Coffee Research (WCR), a non-profit agriculture research organization formed by various individuals and companies around the globe that are part of the coffee industry, is working on a solution. Using science and technology, it’s currently in the process of creating arabica coffee plant varieties that are more resilient to the plights of climate change, pests, and disease. The plan is to then provide these coffee plant varieties to coffee farmers before it’s too late.

Along with hundreds of other coffee companies, roasters, and additional coffee-related organizations, Cafe Virtuoso is proud to support World Coffee Research by donating through its checkoff program. A portion of our purchase of green coffee from participating importers is donated to WCR in order to make their research possible. We encourage you to support us along with these other coffee organizations who are part of this program to ensure coffee does not become in danger of disappearing for us and for future generations.

For more information about WCR, its mission, and the issues it’s working to solve, check out this video below:


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Greg Luli

General Manager
An industrial microbiologist—both by education and for 30 years by trade—Greg is intrigued and challenged by the endless intricate nuances, methods and scientific knowledge needed to roast and brew specialty coffee. If he’s not outdoors hiking with his dogs, he can most certainly be found helping to perfect the roast levels of the newest coffee bean varieties to arrive.

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