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Cafe Virtuoso Holiday Blend is Back

November 23, 2016

cafe virtuoso holiday blend

| By Savannah Phillips |

We’re happy to announce our Holiday Blend has returned and is now available for purchase in our cafe and our online store.

Awarded a rating of 92 by Coffee Review, our certified organic Holiday Blend is roasted by combining two full-bodied South American coffees that provide nuttiness and rich dark chocolate tones in addition to spruce and stone fruit, and finish with a delicate touch of spice. The addition of an Ethiopian washed coffee rounds it out by adding complexity and a subtle quality of sweetness and acidity.

Cafe Virtuoso Holiday Blend

Our intention for mixing together these three distinct coffees to create our signature Holiday Blend is to ensure that it not only compliments and pairs well with sweets, but also stands out on its own with a comforting soft richness that invokes that familiar cozy feeling of curling up by the fire with a really good book  or spending quality time with close family and friends. It’s a combination of flavors you soon won’t forget, and like us, will look forward to its return each holiday season.

While you’ll be delighted by the taste with virtually any brewing method, to best compliment the richness, we recommend brewing using a French Press or Moka Pot.  

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it.



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Savannah Phillips

Quality Control
A Level-Two Certified Barista, native Northwesterner turned So-Cal girl, Savannah is also addicted to yoga, hiking, meditation and long drives up Coast Highway 101. She doesn’t remember ever not loving coffee. Even as a child, when most other kids typically hate the taste, it was something she craved, which looking back, was unquestionably an early prediction of a career devoted to specialty coffee.

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