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Introducing “Inside Virtue” – The Cafe Virtuoso Newsletter

October 27, 2016

Inside Virtue cafe virtuoso newsletter

 | By Laurie Britton

When I started Cafe Virtuoso back in 2008 as a certified organic wholesale specialty coffee roasting company, I never imagined, a few years later, that I would make the decision to expand further by also opening to the public and start serving our coffee out of our roasting facility. Fast forward to today and we’re currently in the middle of a very exciting renovation and expansion of our cafe space that also includes the addition of a coffee training lab that is scheduled to be completed in early 2017.

I am over the moon and so grateful to all of the loyal customers who have supported Cafe Virtuoso over the years and who love our coffee just as much as we love sourcing, roasting, brewing, and serving it everyday. My love for coffee is deeply embedded in my DNA, so being able to procure amazing quality organic specialty coffee that is also responsibly and ethically sourced has been a dream of mine for quite some time and it’s just so wonderful to see that it has become a reality.

Now that we have such a loyal following and so many people asking: “What’s new?” “What’s next?,” we thought it was time to launch a monthly newsletter to make sure that everyone who wants to know is able to stay informed. We call it: “Inside Virtue.”

With that, we’ll deliver a collection of news, updates, interesting and informative stories, our featured monthly coffees and teas, as well as exciting specialty coffee and community happenings in our area and around the country to keep you all in the know.

If you’re like me, however, you probably already get enough email, which is why we will be sending it out just once a month so we have time to collect enough useful information and news to merit that one additional email in your inbox.

I hope you like it, find it enjoyable and informative, and share it with others who you think would also find it useful.

Sign up here: The very first “Inside Virtue” newsletter will go out the first week of November.


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Laurie Britton

Founder & CEO
Certified organic from day one, Laurie founded Cafe Virtuoso in 2008 with the vision of bringing a level of quality to coffee and tea previously unavailable in San Diego. Her passion and dedication ensures each business decision is based on being socially and ethically responsible and is acutely involved in every aspect of what it means to be truly sustainable.

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