Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto, The world’s first encyclopedia, The theory of relativity…

Coffee has been a catalyst for humankind’s most prolific thinkers, propelling civilization to new heights in science, art, philosophy, athletics, and literature. Cafe Virtuoso strives to carry this torch forward.

We source the finest coffee from the far corners of the Earth, meticulously roasting each bean in small batches for patrons who demand quality and settle for nothing less than greatness.


Our pursuit: to procure, roast & deliver the best coffees of the world  to San Diego.

With pitfalls at every turn in the path, great coffee requires a meticulous and mindful guardian. The coffee roaster is tasked with the dubious honor of orchestrating an untarnished journey from bean selection and roasting, to equipment and training.

We thrive on this challenge and detest complacency!


Take care of the land, take care of the farmer, & we'll be empowered to elevate your coffee program.

Organic growing methods are more difficult and produce less coffee and tea than conventional methods, which use pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

The good news? these methods yield a superior product and ensure the ability of the farms to continue producing indefinitely. This allows the health of the farmer, the soil, and the groundwater to thrive, conspiring to produce great coffee beans!

Paying a fair price for coffee and tea is another way of protecting farmers' ability to grow high quality coffee. Many programs, like Fair Trade, work to document the dollars reaching farmers, making certain these funds are used for social programs, continuing education and steadfast crop improvement. Economic sustainability enables farming communities to flourish, providing us with our lifeblood; the world's finest coffee!


We specialize in meeting the needs of fine dining restaurants, cafes & coffee shops.

We are truly full service. In addition to coffee and tea, you can include paper products, syrups and frappe mixes in your delivery at highly competitive pricing.

As wholesale coffee roasters, we understand that ultimately, the quality of our service is just as important as the quality of our product. your unqualified success is essential to ours!


  • Coffee & tea brewing equipment
  • Espresso machines & grinders
  • Monin syrups
  • Cappuccine Frappe bases
  • Ibarra Mexican chocolate
  • { and that's just the beginning }


  • Training
  • Weekly delivery
  • Saturday hours
  • Night & weekend service!
  • { bottomline, we're on our game. }


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