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Serve Cafe Virtuoso

Commitment to quality

Serving the best tasting cup of coffee requires a steadfast commitment to quality in every aspect of the process. And it starts at the beginning. In addition to our requirement for USDA Organic certification, we have established a minimum green coffee grade of 84 for our purchases. We employ the highest quality water treatment, coffee grinding, and coffee brewing equipment in the industry. Cafe Virtuoso has received the SCA “Golden Cup Award” in recognition of the standards we have established.

By partnering with Cafe Virtuoso, we can work together to achieve the highest level of coffee quality.

Training & expertise

virtuoso is an individual who possesses outstanding technical ability in a particular art or field. We are committed to working with our partners to achieve the highest level of coffee service. Our training is certified by SCA and adheres to the Specialty Coffee industry standards. We provide you with the tools to get your program off on a solid foundation and stay with you along the way to assist you in maintaining consistency and quality with every cup.

Equipment available

Now that you have the best quality coffee, roasted to perfection, and your staff has received certified training, you will need quality equipment that will provide consistently brewed coffee. We recommend and can provide a range of coffee brewing and grinding equipment to best suit your needs. In addition, a water formulation system is necessary to deliver the best tasting water, free from harmful and foul-tasting chemicals, and protect your brewing equipment from scale build up.

We can provide you with the best equipment available from such top names as La Marzocco espresso machines; Mazzer espresso grinders; Wilbur Curtis drip coffee and tea brewers; MAHLKÖNIG, and more.

We provide our partners with equipment installation, training, and service.

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