Virtuoso Espresso

Cafe Virtuoso 2-18

Born in the traditions of the finest European Espressos, the Virtuoso Espresso is a premium blend that is designed to be enjoyed by the connoisseur.  Sweet, rich creamy body with a panoply of flavors that evolve and linger pleasantly.

Coffee Review AssessmentDeep, savory/sweet. Dark chocolate, fresh-cut cedar, plum, hints of rose and perhaps thyme in aroma and small cup. Full, lightly syrupy mouthfeel; clean, rich and, chocolate-toned in the finish. In three parts milk a complexly expressed, plummy dark chocolate dominates. Overall Score: 93

Certifications:  Organic, Fair Trade

Some of the ways we love to enjoy this coffee are the Aeropress, the Chemex, and the Moka Pot.

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