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Gumutindo is a co-op in the valley of Mt. Elgon on the eastern border of Uganda.  They have 7,000 members from the Bgisu and Sabiny tribes.  The co-op has encouraged women to process their coffee separately so now they offer a variety of women’s coffees as well.  They are 100% Fair Trade and 95% organic, striving to certify the last 5% as organic.  The farmers enhance the fertility of the soil with compost, mulch, and other organic matter to maintain the biodiversity of the land.  The coffee is hand-picked and wet-processed at individual farms, then brought to the new storage facility that was built in 2005 using cross-ventilation to store coffee at cooler temperatures.  Producers are then encouraged to cup the coffees at the facility to help distinguish the difference in quality of under-ripe to ripe cherries.  Gumutindo means “excellent quality” in the local language and we look forward to sharing this quality coffee with our customers.

Tasting Notes: This is an earthy, full-bodied coffee with mild acidity and soft notes of honeydew melon.


Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic.

One of the ways we love to enjoy this coffee at home is the French Press.

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