Hawaiian Kona – Pele Plantations


This beautiful 6 acre coffee farm, located at 2000 ft. elevation, was purchased by John and Elisa Tolfree in 2000. While in the Peace Corp in the Philippines, John learned to grow coffee.  They sought out to buy a coffee farm in Kona and finally found one in 2000. They immediately started clearing the surrounding jungle and planting more coffee trees, so that today there are 3,000 manicured, certified organic coffee trees (by the International Certification Services, Inc.) Exotic fruits and flowers abound in patches weaving around the coffee trees. Most of the coffee trees are 80 to 100 years old. In a typical year they produce around 10,000 lbs. of dark red cherries (which yields around 1400 roasted lbs).

Tasting Notes: Delicate but intense. Roundly and sweetly pungent in aroma and cup: dark chocolate, hazelnut, fresh-cut fir, apricot-like fruit. Gentle but lyrically lively acidity; silky mouthfeel. Flavor consolidates in a lightly drying finish. 

Certifications: Organic

Some of the ways we love to enjoy this coffee at home are the French Press and the Chemex.


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