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Decaf Honduras


Situated just above the town of Corquin in the department of Copan, Honduras, the community of Las Capucas is home to one of the most progressive coffee cooperatives in the country: COCAFCAL.

COCAFCAL Manager Omar Rodriguez and Peace Corps volunteer Rebecca Stygar have led the charge to improve the quality and brand recognition of Las Capucas coffee, and the improvements have garnered the attention and praise of some of the most discerning buyers of specialty coffee. COCAFCAL has also obtained Fair Trade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance certification in the past few years, adding value to the already outstanding quality of the coffee they produce. Recently, the fine folks at COCAFCAL developed a promotional website to share more information about the coffee of Las Capucas. You can take a look at

This coffee is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Method.  You can read more about this chemical-free process at

Tasting Notes: Smooth, creamy body with a wine-like acidity.  Hints of tropical fruit in flavor.


Certifications:  Organic, Fair Trade


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