Costa Rica – La Amistad

Costa Rica La Amistad Estate was established in 1940 by Jorge Zeledon Castro as a coffee farm and nature reserve that sits on over 23,000 acres. The estate is located in the Talamanca Mountain Range on the border of La Amistad International Park. La Amistad is one of the largest private nature reserves in Central America. Clean, fresh water that runs from the rainforest to the farm is used to generate power to run the machinery and for the mill on site. Castro designated a portion of his land to 22 poor families to create their own coffee plantation and many are still farming the land today. La Amistad Estate provides housing and training for farmers and works to ensure that the government will continue to provide services and infrastructure in the area. In the late 1980’s, the Montero family, the current owners, began to cultivate the coffee organically. Between the parcels of coffee are bands of primary forest.

Tasting Notes: Layers of roasted nut and savory caramel with subtle stone fruit notes. Well-balanced, smooth milk chocolate finish, and mild acidity.

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Certifications: Organic

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