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Colombia – Santa Marta de Sierra Nevada

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This coffee is Colombia’s top grade, known as Supremo.  It is produced in the Santa Marta region in the Sierra Nevada Mountains by Agroecologicos Indigenas y Campesinos (ANEI).  Founded in 1995 by Aurora Maria Izquierda Torres, one of the first indigenous Arhuaca women to receive a professional level degree, ANEI focuses on high quality and sustainability.  Aurora’s ultimate goal is to support authorities with the intention of improving living conditions for all members of the community. Focusing on Fair Trade and sustainability, ANEI directly affects approximately 600 indigenous families that produce organic coffee while aligning its business practices with the traditional teachings of the spiritual leaders, the mumus.

Tasting Notes: A bright and pleasant lightly roasted coffee with layers of tropical and stone fruits.  Caramel sweetness and a nice, clean finish.

 Decaf Honduras Flavor Profile

Certifications: Organic, Fair Trade

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