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Here at Virtuoso we take sustainability seriously – sustainability for the water, soil, wildlife, and people.  Which is why we don’t just stop at our mission of 100% Organic coffee beans; we source most of our coffee through fairly traded routes.  75% of our coffees we purchase come from certified fair trade farmers, which means that on top of the $2.00/lb extra we pay for our organic beans and organic practices, we pay even more on top of that to ensure our farmers are getting paid what they deserve.



Fair Trade Certified means that all the people in the supply chain for that product abide by strict regulations in regards to transparency and social justice.  Farmers need to earn a minimum livable wage for each pound of coffee they produce and export.  That means less middlemen and less money lost along the way back from developed country consumers to developing nations suppliers.


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According to the SCAA – Specialty Coffee Association of America, in producing that perfect cup of joe you enjoy to start your morning off – 53 GALLONS go into it.  From the production of coffee beans to the brewing to the production of milk from cows to the paper cup, coffee uses lots of water.

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Creating paper cups uses a great amount of water.  From watering the trees that produce the paper pulp to washing it to using water to mold the pulp into the shape, using non-reusable paper cups are costly to the environment.  Next time you are in the cafe, bring your reusable cup.  Not only will you be helping the planet out, but you can also receive a discount on your delicious drink for doing your part.  We at Virtuoso really stand by our mission statement of creating a business model that takes into consideration the fragility of our natural surroundings.  We would love it if you helped us out with this too!

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One of our wholesale accounts, Urban Kitchen Group – Cucina Urbana, Fish Public, Cucina Enoteca, has begun using our burlap coffee bags for reuse and redesign! Their furniture online is now featuring our coffee bags as a new trendy design for arm chairs and other living room pieces.  Check them out!

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