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Here at Virtuoso we take sustainability seriously – sustainability for the water, soil, wildlife, and people.  Which is why we don’t just stop at our mission of 100% Organic coffee beans; we source most of our coffee through fairly traded routes.  75% of our coffees we purchase come from certified fair trade farmers, which means that on top of the $2.00/lb extra we pay for our organic beans and organic practices, we pay even more on top of that to ensure our farmers are getting paid what they deserve.



Fair Trade Certified means that all the people in the supply chain for that product abide by strict regulations in regards to transparency and social justice.  Farmers need to earn a minimum livable wage for each pound of coffee they produce and export.  That means less middlemen and less money lost along the way back from developed country consumers to developing nations suppliers.


Coffee farmer

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A message from our Kona origin farmers…


“Here’s the view from the lanai at BrocksenGate Estate.  We can relax ending a successful coffee season and before beginning a new one.  The trees in the foreground are 30 years old Royal Palms that line our driveway and let us peek through them at Kealakekua Bay to the northwest.”



King Kamehameha ruled the Hawaiian Islands until 1819.  He defended traditional Hawaiian values, stopped the kapu system and ended human sacrifice.  In 1795 he secured the islands of Maui, Moloka’i and Oahu after earlier controlling Kohala, Kona, and Hamakau.  In 1878 a statute of Kamehameha was cast in Paris.  During its sail to Hawaii, the ship and its cargo were lost at sea.  A second statute was cast, but the original was found and today it stands in west Hawaii in Kapa’au.  The copy resides in Honolulu.

To check out more about our Kona farmers, visit their webpage here.

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Our coffee farmers from the cooperative in Honduras just received an award from Atlas Coffee Importers for being the number one coffee producers for 2013!

See the tweet here.


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