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Fair Trade

October is Fair Trade Month and we would like to celebrate by honoring our farmers from which we buy fair trade coffee!  Please look to the coffees with the Fair Trade symbol on our bags and support fair trade all month, and all year round!

Fair Trade  66 65 Coffee farmer

Fair Trade means buying commodities at a slightly higher rate per unit in order to provide a livable wage to producers.  In our case, this means paying more per pound of coffee beans to our fabulous farmers who work so hard to grow organically, harvested-with-love coffee beans.Fair Trade Map 2012

Your dollars are going to these countries…Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil, Ethiopia, & Indonesia.  The extra money goes to creating schools, building hospitals, sponsoring new sustainable farming tools and techniques, etc.  Virtuoso purchased 75% of its beans this year through Fair Trade channels and hopes to continue the sustainability trend!


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We sent in our Organic & Fair Trade Certified Guatemala for the Coffee Review contest of the month and got back a 90 point score! Our coffee was one of only three that were submitted as organically certified!

Read the article on Guatemalan coffees here.

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Fair Trade Map 2012

Here at Virtuoso we take sustainability seriously – sustainability for the water, soil, wildlife, and people.  Which is why we don’t just stop at our mission of 100% Organic coffee beans; we source most of our coffee through fairly traded routes.  75% of our coffees we purchase come from certified fair trade farmers, which means that on top of the $2.00/lb extra we pay for our organic beans and organic practices, we pay even more on top of that to ensure our farmers are getting paid what they deserve.



Fair Trade Certified means that all the people in the supply chain for that product abide by strict regulations in regards to transparency and social justice.  Farmers need to earn a minimum livable wage for each pound of coffee they produce and export.  That means less middlemen and less money lost along the way back from developed country consumers to developing nations suppliers.


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