Upcoming Coffee Training Courses at SDCTI

Our non-profit coffee training lab, The San Diego Coffee Training Institute, which is located inside our cafe in Barrio Logan, offers a variety of coffee training courses for professional baristas and coffee roasters, as well as the home brewer coffee enthusiast.
For more info or to register for any of these classes on the following course schedule, visit or click on any of the classes listed below.



SCA Intro to Coffee+Barista Foundations+ Cafe Business (3 days)​

  • March 15 – 17 (10am – 6pm) – (Registration closed – class is full)
  • May 3 – 5 (10am – 6pm)
  • June 21 – 23 (10am – 6pm)

SCA Intro to Coffee+Barista Foundations+ Customer Service (3 days)


SCA Intro to Coffee Roasting (3 days)



Coffee Cupping

Coffee Cuppings are $15 per person and reserved by appointment. A cupping takes approximately one hour and a minimum of 4 people (max 8 people) is required. If you’re interested in booking a coffee cupping, please email Savannah Phillips at for availability.


1-on-1 Barista Training

This personalized eight-hour course is customized to the individual’s particular needs and desires pertaining to barista training. Additional charge applies for groups. Please inquire for details by emailing Savannah Phillips at to outline a plan that best suits your training needs!


Intro to Coffee (1 day)

Barista Foundations (1 day)

Cafe Business (1 day)

Brew Rite​

Latte Art

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