Mary Jhun's Coffee Taster's Wheel mural

What is the Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel and Why is it Important?

July 21, 2017

| By Savannah Phillips | The coffee taster’s flavor wheel has perhaps been one of the most iconic resources in the coffee industry for nearly two decades. It also inspired our very own barista and amazing artist, Mary Jhun Dandan to paint her own beautiful interpretation in our roasting area (photo above). Even though the […]

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Better Coffee Through Technology Part 2 - Home Coffee Grinders

Better Coffee Through Technology Part 2 – Home Coffee Grinders

July 7, 2017

| By Rigo Hernandez | As Savannah wrote in Better Coffee Through Technology Part 1, technology in the world of coffee has significantly strengthened the overall quality and consistency—specifically when it comes to roasting—us coffee fanatics now enjoy in each and every cup. In this second edition of the series, I’ll cover how that also […]

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Ethiopia Amaro Gayo is Coming Back!

June 16, 2017

| By Savannah Phillips |  We’re very excited to announce that one of our favorite coffees, Ethiopia Amaro Gayo, is on its way back! We know so many of our customers enjoy this coffee so we couldn’t be happier for its return. The coffee has just arrived and we’ve already begun roasting, so you should see […]

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Why become an SCA Certified Barista?

Why Become an SCA Certified Barista?

June 2, 2017

Editor’s Note: This week we sat down with Savannah, Cafe Virtuoso’s quality control manager, lead trainer, and the founder of the San Diego Coffee Training Institute (SDCTI) to discuss why she believes it’s so important for baristas to be trained properly and the value of becoming an SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Certified Barista. Starting June […]

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Mary Jhun Dandan

Café Virtuoso Introductions: Mary Jhun Dandan

May 19, 2017

Editor’s Note: We love and value each of our team members and are so very blessed to have such a devoted and skilled group of individuals that have contributed so much to make Café Virtuoso what it is today. Therefore, we thought it was high time that you got to know these amazing people with […]

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How to Best Brew Coffee in a Chemex


May 11, 2017

| By Savannah Britton | To continue our brewing methods series, this week we’re tackling how to best brew coffee in a Chemex. Chemex, a pour-over method, is one of our top preferred brewing methods due to its cleanliness and vibrancy it renders the cup. The high density paper filter removes much of the oils […]

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How to Best Brew Coffee in a French Press

How to Best Brew Coffee in a French Press

May 4, 2017

| By Savannah Britton | Last week we discussed our preferred way to brew coffee in an AeroPress, so we thought we’d make it into a series and show you how to best brew coffee in a French Press this week. The French Press is a popular method because it’s a pretty straight forward brewing […]

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How to Best Brew Coffee with An AeroPress

How to Best Brew Coffee in An AeroPress

April 27, 2017

| By Savannah Phillips | One of my own personal favorite methods of brewing coffee is an AeroPress. I love it because it’s durable, compact and lightweight, so it travels very well. If you’re looking for a strong, single cup of coffee (maybe you don’t want to waste), then this is your brewing device. The […]

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Why Organic Coffee?

Why Organic Coffee?

April 22, 2017

| By Laurie Britton | When I started Café Virtuoso, from day one, people began asking me, “what’s the big deal? why organic?” My answer was, and still is, if I am going to have my own business then I need to have it mean something and to make some kind of a difference. After […]

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Cafe Virtuoso Now Hiring Cafe Manager

We’re Hiring! Café Virtuoso is Looking for a Café Manager

April 7, 2017

| By Savannah Phillips | We’re thrilled to announce that we are expanding our team and currently looking for a Café Manager to run the overall operation of the café, including enforcement of policies and procedures, training and other auxiliary duties related to distribution and production operations. Café Virtuoso is the only 100 percent certified […]

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