What Does Coffee Roast Level Really Mean for Flavor? Part 1: Light Roast

January 8, 2018

| By Savannah Phillips | Editor’s Note: This blog series examines the specific misconceptions that many hold about light, medium and dark roast coffee and how these roast levels translate into the final flavor profile once it has been brewed and reached your cup. Our hope with this series is that you’ll walk away with […]

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Cafe Virtuoso 100% Kona

Cafe Virtuoso Trip to Origin – Kona, Hawaii

December 22, 2017

| By Laurie Britton | Earlier this year, we had an amazing opportunity for a trip to origin to visit Kona RainForest Farms, one of the coffee farms in which we have a direct trade relationship to source coffee beans for Cafe Virtuoso. We fell in love with this coffee a few years ago and […]

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2017 Cafe Virtuoso Holiday Gift Guide

The 2017 Cafe Virtuoso Holiday Gift Guide

November 22, 2017

| By Laurie Britton | The holidays are almost here, which always makes me very excited! To help make it easier to find the perfect gift for all of your coffee or tea loving family members and close friends, we’ve put together a holiday gift guide with new signature Cafe Virtuoso products and merchandise just […]

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Cafe Virtuoso Holiday Blend

Cafe Virtuoso Holiday Blend is Here!

November 17, 2017

| By Savannah Phillips | We’re happy to announce our Holiday Blend has returned and is now available for purchase in our cafe and our online store. Awarded a rating of 92 by Coffee Review, our certified organic Holiday Blend is roasted by combining two full-bodied South American coffees that provide nuttiness and rich dark chocolate […]

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What you need to know about the Coffee Review 100-Point Scale

September 12, 2017

| By Savannah Phillips | You may have noticed, either in our shop or our online store, that some of our coffees, have a ‘Coffee Review’ graphic with a numeric score on our labels. We get quite a few questions about this, so I thought it is as good of a time as any to […]

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Cafe Virtuoso Signature Organic Nitro Cold Brew

Cafe Virtuoso Signature Organic Nitro Cold Brew Now Available on Tap!

August 15, 2017

We’re so excited to announce that our Cafe Virtuoso Signature Organic Nitro Cold Brew is now available to be served on tap, not only in our Barrio Logan cafe, but will also be showing up at many of the locations that already serve Cafe Virtuoso coffee! You’ll also start to see our cold brew in […]

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Cafe Virtuoso Introductions: Iah Gallardo

Cafe Virtuoso Introductions: Iah Gallardo

July 27, 2017

Editor’s Note: We love and value each of our team members and are so very blessed to have such a devoted and skilled group of individuals that have contributed so much to make Cafe Virtuoso what it is today. Therefore, we thought it was high time that you got to know these amazing people with […]

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Mary Jhun's Coffee Taster's Wheel mural

What is the Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel and Why is it Important?

July 21, 2017

| By Savannah Phillips | The coffee taster’s flavor wheel has perhaps been one of the most iconic resources in the coffee industry for nearly two decades. It also inspired our very own barista and amazing artist, Mary Jhun Dandan to paint her own beautiful interpretation in our roasting area (photo above). Even though the […]

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Better Coffee Through Technology Part 2 - Home Coffee Grinders

Better Coffee Through Technology Part 2 – Home Coffee Grinders

July 7, 2017

| By Rigo Hernandez | As Savannah wrote in Better Coffee Through Technology Part 1, technology in the world of coffee has significantly strengthened the overall quality and consistency—specifically when it comes to roasting—us coffee fanatics now enjoy in each and every cup. In this second edition of the series, I’ll cover how that also […]

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Ethiopia Amaro Gayo is Coming Back!

June 16, 2017

| By Savannah Phillips |  We’re very excited to announce that one of our favorite coffees, Ethiopia Amaro Gayo, is on its way back! We know so many of our customers enjoy this coffee so we couldn’t be happier for its return. The coffee has just arrived and we’ve already begun roasting, so you should see […]

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