Brewing Methods


Brewing a pour over with a Chemex results in a very clean, crisp and vibrant cup of coffee. We love this brew method for all coffees, but find that in particular it does wonders to highlight nuances in acidity and tea-like flavors in coffees such as African and high-grown central-American washed and natural processed coffees. This is not a beginners brew method, but anyone can appreciate the showmanship required to make a great cup!

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For those looking for a strong, clean and quick cup of coffee without the large investment in time, finances or complicated equipment will love this brewing method! The Aerobie AeroPress is fun to use and travels great which is what has made it so popular in specialty coffee in recent years. It is BPA free and weights in at just under a half-pound (for all those hardcore backpackers and hikers). We suggest a full-bodied medium-roast coffee to allow for caramelization of flavors to come through in the final cup.

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French Press

For those who prefer a “bold” cup of morning brew, we suggest the French press. This brewing method produces a robust, full-bodied cup and is perfect for dark roast coffee lovers. This full-submersion brewing method is very straight forward, and is great for the novice home coffee drinker as well as the seasoned one.

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