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Coffee Connections

Today I was helping a customer check out.  He was mature gentleman and he was gripping a bag of our Sabor de Sagovia coffee from Nicaragua.  He asked me if I knew where this coffee was from.  I haven’t visited Nicaragua yet, so was doing my best to describe the region it came from based on looking at a map and the description of the coffee from the importer we buy it from.  There was a small smile at the corner of his mouth, and after a minute of patiently listening to me, he began to tell me about this region and the story of his childhood in Nicaragua.  He spoke of traveling into the mountains of the north bordering Honduras and of the smell of coffee being roasted at the farms.  He closed his eyes as he talked about intensity of the flavors and of the joy he experienced on these adventures with his father.  I found myself mesmerized and I felt I could almost see the scenes and smell the coffee there.

It is not uncommon for me to have these experiences with customers.  It struck me after this customer had left, how coffee seems to form such an integral part of the fabric of many of our lives.  For me, this very human experience was one of the main reasons I wanted to enter the coffee business and it feeds my passion on a daily basis.  Just when I am feeling exhausted or frustrated with some aspect of our business, I stop to chat with a customer and leave the conversation feeling excited, energized and with a renewed passion for what we are doing.  I look forward to learning your coffee story!

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