This has been a great week of accomplishments for our team members at Cafe Virtuoso.

In a true show of her hard work and commitment to professionalism, Savannah aced her Specialty Coffee Association Barista certification!

Our roaster apprentice, Alice, reached a major milestone this week when Coffee Review gave a Guatemala she roasted a score of 91!

And finally, on the local barista scene, Vanessa won the Latte Art competition at the Thursday Night Throwdown (TNT) last night!

Be sure to congratulate these girls on their individual accomplishments.  We couldn’t be more proud of them and the best is yet to come!


Rising Stars

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Colombia Graphic

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Steve's Corner Cropped

The only right way to brew coffee

I am frequently asked about the “right way” to brew a cup of coffee.  For anyone who has spent much time researching this question, they have undoubtably seen a plethora of opinions that are presented as “the truth.”  We obviously have our own opinions about how to do things at Cafe Virtuoso, but here is the point I would like to make; brewing coffee is an art form as much as it is a science.  While understanding the variables that affect how your coffee tastes helps one get to a desired result, the truly important thing is WHAT YOU LIKE.  So my opinion is: experiment, have fun, don’t listen to the snobs.  If you like your coffee with a dollop of unsalted organic butter, then ENJOY without a flicker of remorse!


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