The Team

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If you have ever stepped foot into our roastery you know we have a very passionate team. There is a lot of time spent training and learning every aspect of the coffee world. I say world because there is so much that goes into roasting a single bean to brewing a single cup of coffee. The moto we have adopted goes like this…if we don’t all put a 100% into the product and process, we don’t do it all. We are always willing to teach anyone willing to learn so please don’t hesitate to ask questions when you visit us.


Addicted to her own product…

Co-Founder and managing partner of Cafe Virtuoso LLC, Laurie made quality and 100% organic the top priorities when starting this business. After doing a lot of research on the detrimental impact conventional coffee has on our environment she immediately knew 100% organic was the way to go.  So she went out and bought their first 1/2 kilo roaster and started to roast organic coffee in a 400 sq. ft. location. It is mind boggling to think this ever growing company could have started in a garage and now is one of San Diego’s fastest growing coffee companies.

She is the woman behind our cafe menu and all the sweet specialty drinks. A cortado is her drink of choice. She not only manages the cafe but is one of our business development specialists.  You can often find her supporting one of our customers on a Saturday for a grand opening or special event. If you are a restaurant, cafe, coffee cart, etc. and you want to use our products call either Laurie or Rigo.  They are always happy to consult and help build your coffee and tea program within your business.

When she is not at work she is volunteering at greyhound rescues, gardening, or on a hike with her husband.



A 20 year coffee veteran.

Leads continuing coffee education for barista’s within Cafe Virtuoso and our clients. Consults with new and existing clients on menu planning and beverage programs. Certified in espresso, coffee, and Gold Cup brewing standards. Responsible for weekly cuppings and private tastings. He is involved with the San Diego Home Roasters Club and a founding member of Fair Trade San Diego. This is the  man behind a lot of the fair trade coffee and tea we search for.

Rigo is one of the most knowledgable and passionate individuals I know. Not only about coffee but about everything in his life. He is always willing to share the knowledge with anyone willing to learn. Just the other day a woman at the farmers market got a lesson on all the different ways tea is processed and she walked away with a huge smile on her face, dumbfounded by all the information she just learned at a farmers market.

When he is not thinking about coffee he is fishing or spending time with his family and kids.