Cafe Virtuoso

Sustainability refers to a process that can go on indefinitely; environmentally, socially and economically.

Our coffees are 100% certified organic. The organic growing process is not only key in sustaining healthier lands, but healthier farmers as well. We are Fair Trade certified, an important step toward ensuring appropriate compensation and care of indigenous people.

Quality is also a necessary ingredient to make a product sustainable.  This is the piece that we are doing our best to control.  Every coffee that enters our offerings list is thoroughly screened and cupped to ensure that it is of the highest quality.  Roast curves are then developed for each coffee and measures are implemented to ensure consistency.  Packaging and brewing are all included in the measures that we attempt to control so that the final product is consistently presented at it’s highest possible level of quality.

The effect of making a conscious decision to drink high quality organic, Fair Trade and socially responsible coffee just may have more potential than we  know, especially given that coffee is the second largest (legally) traded commodity in the world – led only by oil.