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A Local Favorite Gets a New Owner: Grant’s Market, South Park

August 8, 2016

| By Savannah Phillips |

Here in San Diego, if you are in the South Park neighborhood and happen to be looking for a local small business to buy your high-end, unique and delicious eats at, Grant’s Marketplace is the bee’s knees.


Located a block from Albert Einstein Academy, the building originally named Rosenthal’s (circa 1940) was recently acquired by new owner Jason Peaslee after long-time owner Joe Grant decided that it was time for an extended vacation, a.k.a. retirement. Peaslee was in the market for a restaurant, but after talking to a broker friend, Grant’s came onto his radar practically the next day. Jason discovered he was in fact interested in purchasing a market after doing some recon and realizing that Grant’s was a place people left happy, smiling and satisfied.


Peaslee has worked in basically every aspect of the restaurant industry, which makes him the ideal buyer for such a business. Starting after college, he and wife Liana have done it all: front-of-the-house, busser, kitchen, manager, bartender, you name it, they have done it. So when it came to buying a business, these two had no problem rolling up their sleeves to make some changes, and to do it with pride. “We are both passionate about food and wine. We have great pride in our work. Pride is the most important part of the business,” Peaslee declares.


Certain changes have already started, including a new seating area, a new patio, several kitchen upgrades and new food and wine offerings. In the long-term, Grant’s will be making their pastries in-house as well as selling Seaside Market’s (in Cardiff) locally-infamous burgundy tri tip. Breakfast service has also recently been added.


For those who have not visited the market, you can expect to find everything from “meringue to pasta, breakfast to prepared foods” says Peaslee. “We always use fresh ingredients …our produce is as local as possible.” When asked what his favorite dish is currently, he says it’s the Mediterranean platter. “We put rice and herb-wrapped grape leaves, tabbouleh, house-made hummus, assorted olives and pita. And I really enjoy our fresh-made banana bread and lemon bars as well.”


Grant’s Market is located at 2953 Beech St. San Diego, CA 92102. Breakfast is served daily from 6-3, and the market is open from 6am to 9pm daily.

Instagram: grants.marketplace

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Savannah Phillips

Quality Control
A Level-Two Certified Barista, native Northwesterner turned So-Cal girl, Savannah is also addicted to yoga, hiking, meditation and long drives up Coast Highway 101. She doesn’t remember ever not loving coffee. Even as a child, when most other kids typically hate the taste, it was something she craved, which looking back, was unquestionably an early prediction of a career devoted to specialty coffee.

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