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La Clochette du Coin

January 28, 2016

Willy and Karine love coffee, and pretty much anything else that speaks to them as being truly French. These siblings know their French cuisine, customs and food like no other. On the heels of a young lifetime of travels and living abroad (they grew up in French Madagascar) they landed in San Diego and decided to set up shop.

“We wanted something that spoke to us as being an authentic experience. Just cutting corners on things wasn’t an option. And we couldn’t see ourselves compromising on quality. It’s not only about making customers happy, it’s about delivering an experience that they will be sure to savor” says Willy.

After a month in business, upon asking what the greatest challenge has been so far, Karine chuckles, “Definitely making everyone happy. We want to, but finding the balance between that and having an overload of options for our customers is difficult. But it’s a work in progress. We see it as a challenge, and are just happy to have had such supportive customers, even a few regulars.”

La Clochette logo

As for the namesake of their beloved shop you ask? Translated it means “the bell on the corner”, but to these two it means just good ‘ole strong coffee. “In France you think of a bell as being something that beckons you, makes you aware or is a call to rise. And all good coffee shops are on the corner, or nestled in a corner, so not to complicate it too much for English speaking locals we decided on this name.”

French pastries

The shop features freshly made Panini’s, traditional French pastries (the almond croissant is to die for, courtesy of La Parfait in Mission Valley), and Café Virtuoso’s signature Virtuoso Espresso, as well as a single-origin Yirgacheffe on espresso. They have a selection of CV’s organic teas, as well as super yummy mochas, chai lattes, and even a green tea matcha as well as cold brew.

La Clochette du Coin is located at 6830 La Jolla Blvd, Suite 101, La Jolla, CA, 92037. They are a block from Nautilus Street, right on the corner of Bonair St and La Jolla Blvd. The shop is just down the street from the famous west coast surf spot Windansea Beach!

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Laurie Britton

Founder & CEO
Certified organic from day one, Laurie founded Cafe Virtuoso in 2008 with the vision of bringing a level of quality to coffee and tea previously unavailable in San Diego. Her passion and dedication ensures each business decision is based on being socially and ethically responsible and is acutely involved in every aspect of what it means to be truly sustainable.

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