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99 Cups of Coffee

January 28, 2016

| By Savannah Phillips |

Amazing coffee. Incredible sandwiches. Fabulous people. These are the things that make 99 Cups of Coffee in Pacific Beach so crazy good. The owner Broc does not have a coffee background, but that doesn’t mean the man messes around when it comes to making a solid cup of coffee. Opened September 26th, 2014, the crew of twelve is at capacity and ready for the expansion being built in next door.


“I wouldn’t mind having another location,” Broc says. This engineer-turned-coffee shop owner is serious about what he does, candidly sharing “a lot of effort goes into producing that perfect cup of coffee and I’m just trying to do my part.” And he does his part by carrying 100% organic coffees and teas, and having an extensive menu of mouth-watering sandwich options.

The most popular menu items are the Trio de Dios (white, dark and Mexican mocha with cinnamon) and the Chicken Besto Ciabatta which features rotisserie chicken, smoked Gouda cheese, pesto, spinach, and sundried tomatoes on a ciabatta bun. Yum!

99 cups menu

99 Cups is located at 4680 Cass Street in Pacific Beach. They operate 6am-6pm seven days a week.

99 entry way

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Savannah Phillips

Quality Control
A Level-Two Certified Barista, native Northwesterner turned So-Cal girl, Savannah is also addicted to yoga, hiking, meditation and long drives up Coast Highway 101. She doesn’t remember ever not loving coffee. Even as a child, when most other kids typically hate the taste, it was something she craved, which looking back, was unquestionably an early prediction of a career devoted to specialty coffee.

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