Do you ever have those moments when there is no doubt in your mind that you are in the right industry?  I had one of those moments this week, upon the arrival of an excellent new coffee from a small farm in Costa Rica.  My excitement was akin to that of a kid on Christmas morning, ascending the stairs in rapid motion to piles of presents and cookies.   I think the delivery driver was wondering why I was pacing back and forth in front of the door while he loaded up the bags. 

Alma Negra Farm Owners

Las Lajas 4

The coffee is called Costa Rica Alma Negra (Black Soul) and it is grown and processed by Oscar and Francisca Chacon in Costa Rica’s Central Valley.  I am excited about this coffee for many reasons; it is incredibly unique from seed to cup.  The Chacons are known for being one of the first to produce high-quality organic and naturally processed coffee in Costa Rica.  They inherited the farm from Oscar’s grandparents’ and it is steeped with family history.  One of the main reasons that the Chacons decided to take the leap and only produce organic coffee is a tragic one.  Oscar lost his father to a battle with cancer and it is suspected to have been due to his frequent encounters with pesticides.  Other reasons included environmental and quality benefits.

Lasjas Estate

Not only did the Chacons take an expensive chance at getting organic certification, they built their own mill, known as Las Lajas.  This is exceptional for a variety of reasons. When a farmer sends their coffee off to a mill, they have no control over what happens next.  The coffee could be blended with other coffees or processed in a way that may not benefit the flavor of the coffee in the best way.  With owning their own mill, the Chacons take great care in using a wide range of processing methods to find optimum flavor profiles.  In turn, this makes the coffee highly traceable, even down to the day it was harvested.  The Chacons use mostly natural (dry) processes, using much less water than a standard farm.

Las Lajas Estate 3

After taking copious amounts of pictures of the beautiful bags, I opened one and the fresh, green coffee smells so much like chocolate, you would have thought it had been stored in a Hershey’s warehouse.   No time was wasted in getting the coffee into the roaster.  The flavors of the brewed coffee are complex, ranging from mandarin oranges to cocoa nibs.  The acidity is exciting and lively and the mouthfeel is silky smooth.  We will have this coffee for only a short amount of time and I invite everyone to come down to our café and try a cup.  You may end up loving it as much as I do!