August 2013

Fair Trade Map 2012

Here at Virtuoso we take sustainability seriously – sustainability for the water, soil, wildlife, and people.  Which is why we don’t just stop at our mission of 100% Organic coffee beans; we source most of our coffee through fairly traded routes.  75% of our coffees we purchase come from certified fair trade farmers, which means that on top of the $2.00/lb extra we pay for our organic beans and organic practices, we pay even more on top of that to ensure our farmers are getting paid what they deserve.



Fair Trade Certified means that all the people in the supply chain for that product abide by strict regulations in regards to transparency and social justice.  Farmers need to earn a minimum livable wage for each pound of coffee they produce and export.  That means less middlemen and less money lost along the way back from developed country consumers to developing nations suppliers.


Coffee farmer

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Roaster's Guild Winner Poster Roaster's Guild

Our Steve is the two time champ of the Roaster’s Guild Retreat!! Read about the competition and experience in our Coffee Talk’s Press Release here.


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