June 2013

The Barista Appreciation Event was a success!  Lots of our wholesale accounts attended and received training on latte art from our two newest barista masters – Jacob and Bre.  Look for their barista shout out on our blog this week.

IMG_2457 IMG_2434 IMG_2432 IMG_2538 IMG_2530 IMG_2504 IMG_2500 IMG_2491 The Virtuoso Team gave a tutorial on brewing methods – french press, aeropress, & the clever.  All who attended received the fabulous new CV t-shirts & delicious treats were brought in from Claire’s on Cedros.

IMG_2490 IMG_2485 IMG_2471 IMG_2468




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Virtuoso team visited one of our local coffee importers, Elan InterAmerican Coffee, down the street for a cupping workshop.



Cupping is the process of checking coffee beans quality control. First the whole coffee beans are smelled and categorized by aroma/fragrance and the grounds are smelled afterwards.  Water is poured onto the coffee grounds after the smelling period and is allowed to steep. Then the cuppers take their spoons and break the coffee grounds.  The cupper smells the wet grounds and then sips the coffee to grade the flavor profile they taste.

Cupping 5 Cupping 3 Cupping 4

InterAmerican provides us with coffees from regions like Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Ethiopia.

Cupping 2


Care to learn more about the cupping process? Join us on Friday mornings at Virtuoso for a hands on tutorial!

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