Atlas Coffee

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Get to know the group who sends us the beans that land in your delicious ceramic cup!


Atlas Coffee Importers LLC is Seattle’s first green coffee importer to maintain a broad offering and consistent, locally-warehoused supply of exceptional quality green coffees. Atlas is one of only a handful of coffee trading houses to operate independently. After fourteen years, owner Craig Holt now owns 100% of his company.

“We have always operated independently,” Mr. Holt explains, “but now that ownership is consolidated here in Seattle it strengthens our financial position, allows us to better serve our vendors and clients, and should increase the strong growth pattern we’ve enjoyed throughout our first fourteen years in business.” Holt currently has a staff of fourteen, with offices and a coffee laboratory in Seattle’s Crown Hill neighborhood.

Rather than focus on the commodity side of coffee, Atlas emphasizes connecting small volume independent coffee growers with high end, niche market coffee roasters.

Visit them at Atlas Coffee.