“2GOOD2B is the realized dream of Diana Benedek and Mike Barbanti and their love of delicious food, family, friends and community. They stubbornly believe that eating gluten-free does not mean living a tasteless life. 2GOOD2B is their way of sharing their health journey and giving back to their community in a delicious way” – 2GOOD2B statement

Being a gluten eater, I have to be honest, I was a little skeptical how good a gluten free cupcake could be. I walked in and found more than a cupcake. I had a vegan pizza with gluten free crust along side a peach smoothie made with almond milk…YUMMY!!! Once I was done eating I couldn’t leave without trying a few cupcakes so I ordered a carrot and red velvet cupcake which went perfectly with my Cafe Virtuoso coffee. Neatless to say I was shocked! The food I had just injested was really good. The cupcake was moist and the frosting was creamy just the way I like it. Next time you’re in Encinitas swing by and try for yourself.