For the last few years, one of the biggest trends in coffee has been single brew cups.  Coffee companies like Intelligensia have found a way to make pour over work on a large scale basis.  When I talk to our friends / customers, there always seems to be a common thread to the comments – consistency.  My own experience with pour-over has been that I have had some of the best and some of the most mediocre cups of coffee.  The skill and experience of a Barista is probably more evident here than on an espresso machine.  Furthermore, different coffees respond differently to pre-wetting, total length of extraction and number of pours … etc.  For all of these reasons, many of the cafes here in San Diego that have implemented Hario bars have soon abandoned them.

We have been intermittently using a number of methods in our cafe over the last couple years including vacuum, Chemex and the Clever dripper but until now have not committed ourselves to a single cup program.  Enter the Gold Cup Brewer!  This machine was conceived to address exactly these issues.   From rinsing the filter to setting the pre-wet and pulsing for every coffee, this machine is fully programmable – and consistent.  If we don’t like the way a particular origin is coming out, we can adjust it until we get it right and then know that the result is repeatable.

This Brewer offers a wonderful solution for a great many venues who wish to focus on quality but need to eliminate waste.  A fine dining restaurant can now produce a perfect cup of coffee for every customer and not worry about throwing away pots of coffee.

So what are you waiting for?  Come on down and try a cup of our Honey Processed Costa Rica.