Rainforest Alliance Seal

The Rainforest Alliance was established as a grass roots organization in 1986, with a primary focus on doing something about the rapidly shrinking rain forest.  Of note, there is an emphasis not on cessation of use of forests, but rather on an approach that is sustainable.  The program is divided into:

  1. Keeping forests standing – stopping illegal removal of forests
  2. Curbing climate change – through forest management and replanting
  3. Protecting Wildlife – 67% of animal and plant species are found in forests which comprise a mere 30% of all land mass.
  4. Alleviating poverty- through education of indigenous peoples and assistance in negotiating fair wages for products produced sustainably.
  5. Transforming Business practices – from sustainable agricultural practices to Forest management.

Currently, the industries that Rainforest Alliance certifies are:

  • Coffee
  • Cocoa
  • Tea
  • Bananas

Currently, over 15% of our coffees are certified Rainforest Alliance.  Try our Guatemala Guaya’b and the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe.

For more information about Rainforest Alliance visit their website: